Delhi Medical Council launches new website

Have you had a brush with unregistered medical practitioners or are wary of running into unqualified local quacks posing as medicine experts? Then identifying the right from the wrong will no more be a problem for you.
With unqualified medical practitioners posing serious risks to the health of unsuspecting patients, The Delhi Medical Council on Tuesday launched a new website,, that will make it convenient for people to locate their doctor.
This website include the names of all 40,000 doctors registered with the medical monitoring body and provide an ideal guide to people seeking such information.
Registration with the DMC is mandatory, for practising Allopathy system of medicine in the National Capital Territory. However, a larger number of self-proclaimed doctors continue to practice in all localities of Delhi.
The move is the latest in line with the Councils efforts to check mushrooming of quacks. While it might not put a break on the phenomenon, it will help citizens take informed decisions, the body believes.
The DMC, which receives hundreds of complaints against such doctors, has filed over 70 cases against them in the last 2-3 years.
On receiving complaints against unscrupulous practitioners, the DMC gets in touch with the concerned CDMOs and SHOs, who in turn verify their presence.
I hope that this information will very usefull to you in near future.
Please visit the site and inform others regarding this.

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