Framework 3.0

This article explains  about the Overview of .NETFRAMEWORK 3.0


As all of us know that .Net Framework 3.0(formerly known as code named winfx)  is the next generation .NET Framework that sits on the top of 2.0  by adding some enhancements. Being dotnet developers/MS Technology Developer we are curious to update the next generation web technology .My Passion for the new technology made me to write  this article… and now I got some time to publish it on the web…

Features :

• Managed   Code Programming Model

• Includes WWF, WPF, WCF and Card Space that is newly added

• Delivers sophisticated User Experience

Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF: )  Code named ‘Avalon’

This is formerly known as the Code Name Avalon that is easy to build next generation web applications with the help of Rich UI, documents and Media. Even developer can improve his/her designing skills using programming skills, would be quite challenging.

Using Multimedia and document services in WPF Developers can produce outstanding user interfaces. We can also make use of Vector graphics, advanced content readability. The tools that are used in WPF used to collaborate developer –designer. Here are  the two different developer environments that are used

1. Micro Soft Visual Studio

2. Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer

Windows WorkFlow Foundation(WWF)

In order to build work flow related applications that  are in sync with business processes. Workflow is a declarative way of implementing business process in software. Using WWF we can build as many work flow styles as we need based on the requirement.

Graphical designer and debugger are provided to implement work flow related software. We can make use of imperative Code along with declarative modeling.  It enables to build workflow software that  is more flexible and transparent.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)  Code named ‘Indigo’

Mainly focuses on Service Oriented Applications (SOA). WCF is the first Unified Programming Model (UPM) for SOA.  It makes development interoperable with Non-MS Platform and integrates with existing products.  We can build amazing services that would added more weight using WCF which comes along with framework 3.0.  It extends MS distributed technologies like Enterprise Services, MSMQ, .NET Remoting, Web services and makes us to develop unique applications.

Microsoft Windows CardSpace (MWC)  Code named ‘InfoCard’

This is used in order to improve security in terms of accessing resources and sharing personal information online. As security is the major part in the web applications Windows CardSpace take care of online authentication and Identity thefts. It protects users from phishing using cryptographic techniques. Users can say good bye to repeatedly typing the username and passwords.

Here is how it works…

Believe me using CardSpace we can just submit identity token to the website we are browsing with just   a few clicks of mouse. Website accepts this token presented by the user, decrypt the token, validate this credential and  use this information internally  to identify user.  Apart from Cryptographic techniques some standard protocols  are used for it.

How is it??? Really good…. Is n’t it?

We can enjoy the technology, simplicity, consistency and mainly security that CardSpace gifts us….


So let’s all enjoy the power of  Frame work 3.0 and build more rich, powerful ,sophisticated applications that are more secured, reliable and consistent.


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