How to Set Debug and Release Configurations in VS2008

Yesterday i was working on a class library project in Visual Studio 2008 and after successful build, dll was creating in Release folder of project again and again without pdb files. I need assembly in debug mode but could not found in properties that where to set debug mode in place of release mode. After doing some research i was able to resolve this issue. Below are the steps mentioned:
In VS 2008, Click Tools on main menu.
Click Options.
Now expand Projects and Solutions and select General.
Right pane check Show advanced build configurations check box.
Click OK.
Now Right click project and click on Properties.
In property page, select Debug in left pane and in right pane select Debug in Configuration combo box.
Save and its done now..
Now whenever u build this project dll will generate with .pdb file in debug folder of project.


One thought on “How to Set Debug and Release Configurations in VS2008

  1. Thanks, I wasted few hours on this, it was on Debug mode, somehow switch to release mode, and when I press RUN, it was runing from debug, when I complie it was saving to Release Folder, do know want I did, but your guide resolve it.


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