Remove WGASetup.exe (Windows Genuine Advantage)

The new windows Genuine advantage tool is annoying. It’s a new tool that Microsoft released for Windows XP with it’s latest security updates. Whenever computer start it open a Windows Genuine Advantage Installation wizard.Here is how you completely remove it:

1) After windows starts, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open up the Task Manager

2) Click on the “processes” tab and find the “WGASetup.exe” process and right-click it and select “End Process Tree”

3) Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks

4) Delete the “WGASetup” task.

5) Delete the following folder: “C:\WINDOWS\system32\KB905474”

6) Restart Windows.


10 thoughts on “Remove WGASetup.exe (Windows Genuine Advantage)

  1. Very good advice. I say more; when the WGASetup has not found its place in system for good yet, you only need to remove ii from “scheduled tasks” – see point 3.

  2. Oh thanks for the advise.

    Actually there are two kind of problems:
    1. like this one that in the phase of wga setup.
    2. the wga logon.

    if you are just in the aerly stage – wga setup – please follow this article..
    and if you are on the second stage, please try other advice on Google..

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