Saving Flash files from websites

Here’s how you can save flash files from websites.

Visit the webpage (here i’m using, just for an example)
Select Source( View > Source )
Now it would show up the HTML code for the site.
Now click CTRL+F buttons together or go to the Edit menu and select Find( Edit > Find )
In the search bar type swf and click find.
It will take you to something similar to EMBED xsrc=”abcd.swf”
Now select the file path. Example if it is EMBED xsrc=”/files/flash/abcd.swf” , copy the entire file path starting from the forward slash(/)
Now goto the address bar and paste the path next to the end of the current address.
It wouldd look like –
Now click go or hit Enter and the same flash file will load for you but without the HTML – only the file.
Goto File > Save as and save the file in a safe place.
This may not work with some websites that has the files protected / also with some sites that use frames.

I have explained the procedure for internet explorer, this can be done in other browsers also with the same easy and with quite similar steps.


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