Upload Multiple Documnets Option Missing Using FBA Resolved

When you implement FBA in a sharepoint site and want to play with document library you find that some option is missing in menu.
No matter you have full permissions on site and you have installed MS Office 2003 or later, Even then below mentioned options
are missing.Missing Items can be as followed:
Upload Multiple Documents
Edit in Datasheet
Open with Windows Explorer
Connect to Outlook
Export to Spreadsheet.

Now you wonder that above mentioned options are available in Windows based authentication but not in Form Based Authentication.
Well this is the problem of “Client Integration”. When we create a site in sharepoint using windows based authentication i.e
default site,”Client Integration” is enabled by default but in case of Form Based Authentication this option disabled by default
and we have to enable this. Well no probs at all find detailed steps to resolve the issue.

1. Open Central Administration
2. Click on Application Management Tab
3. Under Application Security section, click on Authentication providers
4. Now select desired web application
5. Select Zone in which FBA is implements and clicked that Zone.
6. Under Client Integration section that is place in last, click “Yes” in “
Enable Client Integration?”
7. Save and you’ve done that.
8. Refresh your site and now you will find that all options that are missed is now available.


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