Hide View All Site Content and Recycle Bin in Quick Launch: Resolved

I assigned a task to hide “View All Site Content” and “Recycle Bin” link from left hand navigation of sharepoint site. I wanted to implement this without editing the master page in SharePoint Designer. I just open the page where i want to hide these links, i checked the source of that web page by right click and view source in internet explorer. I saw that both links are placed inside different tables that have different style classes. So i did the following steps to hide both links.

1. Site Settings > Edit Page
2. Add a Content Editor Web Part anywhere in the page.
3. Ope tool pane of Content Editor Web Part by clicking “Modify Shared Web Part” option from top right drop down of web part.
4. Click on “Source Editor” button inside tool-pane and in “Text Entry” window paste the following lines.

.ms-recyclebin {

5. Click Save
6. Expand Layout section inside toolpane.
7. Check the Hidden checkbox and click OK.

You are done !!!!


36 thoughts on “Hide View All Site Content and Recycle Bin in Quick Launch: Resolved

  1. This solution did the trick! Thank you so very much for posting this. Throughout all of my online research everyone all of the instructions to perform this task required the use of Designer. I knew there had to be a better way and I finally found it when I came across your site after weeks of research. This is terrific. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks, but a potentially significant issue with this approach is that you must do this for every page which can be a pain if you have lots of pages or subsites.

  3. Thanks this work perfectly.
    But i hae one more question. I want to give the space to last tab in the top navigation can we use this same web part for it. Or if you have any idea please let me know

  4. I am able to hide “site content” and “recycle bin” in quick launch with this solution . I am using sharepoint 2010 foundation. Please help….

    1. Hi Radha,
      I implemented this solution for MOSS 2007 and its working fine there. I have to check this with SharePoint Server 2010. Once done i will revert back.

  5. This trick is great!
    But when I click on “Shared documents” it appears again, and it cannot be removed this way as there’s no option to edit Shared Documents page.
    Any idea how to remove it from there?

  6. excellent post, very informative. I ponder why the opposite
    specialists of this sector do not understand this. You must
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  7. You should have mentioned that this code will remove the link only from the page the code resides on…click to a different page within your site and the links reappear.

    In order to have this change affect ALL pages on your site, the master page will need to be edited.

  8. Great idea thanks! I found this still left the left-hand column visible, so playing around with some of the styles using this instead of the above hides the column entirely:


    (hope that comes through correctly here, if not it’s the .ms-leftareacell style you want to hide)

    Not sure whether this affects anything else as I still have to test it a bit.

  9. Great post, I have searched for a simple solution and this is the first that was clear and concise and easy to implement. Thanks!

  10. Thank you! As with the previous comment, I searched for what seem like forever for a simple solution. CSS… go figure… time to break out Firebug to start poking around.

  11. Sorry didn’t work for me. It worked much better to edit in Designer 2010 and hide the ‘All Content’ component by setting the visible property to False.

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