Add custom verbs into Web Part

Problem :I want to add some custom verbs for each of the web part i have. Along with Minimize, Close verbs i want to add Save, MyFavorite, Edit etc to the web part verb. And after clicking on that verbs lets say [Help] i need to do some server side processing.

We can do like this. Here i’ll show you how to make our customized Help Verb.

First implement the IWebActionable interface in ur class or page.

public System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPartVerbCollection Verbs
WebPartVerb MyVerb = new WebPartVerb(“MyVerb”, new WebPartEventHandler(MyVerb));
MyVerb .Text = “Kailash D”;
MyVerb .ImageUrl = “~/Images/Me.ico”;
return new WebPartVerbCollection(new WebPartVerb[] { MyVerb });
private void Help(object sender, WebPartEventArgs e)
// Here you can add your server side code.

Happy Programming 🙂


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