Replace Untitled[1], Untitled[2] to custom title from web part tile.

Problem 1: I have a container and a web part and it shows Untitled[1], Untitled[2] at the top center for each. How the heck can i remove this? It’s driving me nuts.
Problem 2: when i add content to WebPartZone , for every content it is showing the header as Untitled[1],Untitled[2], and i want to replace it by my own Text.

Well any control that is placed inside a WebPartZone is called WebPart. And we have to set the Title property of WebPart then Untitled text will replace with this text. e.g

<asp:WebPartManager id=”wpm” runat=”server”></asp:WebPartManager>

<asp:WebPartZone id=”wpz” runat=”server”>


<asp:Label id=”myLabel” runat=”server” text=”Hello World” Title=”My Web Part”></asp:Label>



Property shown above in Bold,Though when you type it in control then it’ll not show this type of property but when you run the application you will find that Untitled[1] is replaced by “My Web Part”.


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