Microsoft Outlook Search is Not Working : Resolved

I had Outlook 2010 and I was not able to search any email using search box. Whenever I used to click on search box provided in Outlook, Search toolbar area got grayed out. Even if I tried to search email by putting criteria manually, it didn’t work out for me. Search functionality is the backbone of any system where tons of information is stored.

To fix this issue always look for below options one by one.

1. File > Options. Now in right hand section of ‘Outlook Options‘, click on ‘Search‘.

2. Click on ‘Indexing Options…‘ button. Start indexing your email, so that they could show up in search.

What if ‘Indexing Options…’ is grayed out?

  1. Click on Start > Run in your windows. Or you can press ‘window key + R‘ keys combination.
  2. Type ‘Services.msc‘ and hit enter.
  3. Inside Services console, Select ‘Windows Service‘ and check whether it’s stop or not. If it’s stopped then start the service.
  4. If this service is disabled then first enable this service (Right click the service and then click on Properties. Under General tab, change the option to ‘Automatic‘ in Startup type. Click Ok and then start the service.)
  5. Now check the ‘Indexing Options…’ This should worked now.

 Still have issues. More places to look in to fix this issue.

  1. Click on Start > Control Panel.
  2. Open Programs and Features.
  3. Now click on ‘Turn Windows features on or off‘ (Resides in left hand side of window.)
  4. Check whether ‘Windows Search‘ check box is marked. If not then mark it and click Ok.
  5. After completing this, you can follow above steps to run the Windows Search.

Create large size file for testing on the fly!

Suppose we write some custom code for uploading/downloading files. Now we want to test the size limitation of a file for Uploading/downloading the file. So for achieving this we look a large file here and there in our system for testing.

Here i am demonstrating that how to create a large file for testing in such scenario on the fly by simply putting a command in command prompt.

  1. Open command prompt as an administrator.
  2. Write the command without quotes “fsutil file createnew C:\testfile.doc 1024000” and the simply press enter.

Now you have a 1 mb testfile in your c drive.

You can give any valid location, name, extension and size of the file to create.

Happy tricking 🙂


Remove Invalid E-Mail Addresses from Autocomplete

When composing an e-mail, you may have come across a time where you have started entering a name in the “To” field, only to see an invalid or old nickname / e-mail address appear. To get rid of the invalid nickname or e-mail address from the Autocomplete list, just use your cursor keys to highlight the invalid nickname/address and press the DELETE key.

World Statistics Updated in Real Time

Worldometers is part of the Real Time Statistics Project, which is managed by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world. Chief project coordinator is currently Sir Thomasson.

Sources are carefully selected to include only data published by the most reputable organizations and statistical offices in the world.

The counters that display the real-time numbers are based on Worldometers’ algorithm that processes the latest and most accurate statistical data available together with its estimated progression to compute the current millisecond number to be displayed on each counter based on the specific time set on each visitor’s computer clock.

To know more about, please click the link below:


Simple ways to store your files online

When it comes to online backup of your data, there’s probably more options than in any other web 2.0 space. However, recently I’ve tried some of these services out and found out that many have become unnecessarily complex, some are ad hells, and some don’t work at all. I’ve gone through this mess and chosen 5 simple online backup services that just work. Check out for more information:

10 Web Operating Systems

A WebOS is defined as virtual operating system that runs in a web browser environement. Don’t like WebOS? Well, call it OnlineOS, or WebTop if you like.

So, here is a review of 10 functional WebOS’, as well as some additional similar services which show promise but aren’t launched or fully realized yet.

Check out this link for more information:

10 Free Ways to Track All Your Passwords

With the proliferation of web services — there’s a new one out each day, it seems — it feels like we’re always creating new accounts, each with a different username and password.

The easy options — using the same password each time or writing them down on paper or in a spreadsheet — aren’t exactly the most secure. In fact, security experts strongly warn against these options as they leave you vulnerable to online theft.

So what’s a web surfer to do? If you’ve got more than a dozen services, you’re not going to remember all of them. It’s time to look into a password manager — and if you’re a cheapskate like me, you want a free one.

Let’s agree, from here on in, to stop using our dog’s name and birth date for our single password.

Just want to get more information then click the below mentioned link

List of temporary and disposable email

Spam on emails is one of the major problem in Internet today. Luckily, there are lots of ways to prevent spam to reach your inbox. One best choice is to use temporary or disposable email address to those unpopular or unfamiliar website that requires your email address to register.

Fortunately, there are lots of temporary and disposable email providers that offer free email addresses. Just click the link below and find the websites name: