Edit More Than 200 Rows in SQL Server 2008

While working with Sql Server, sometimes we need to update a record quickly. Even so quickly that we don’t want to write a query. Even that’s not a big problem just we need to right click desired table and select “Edit Top 200 Rows” option. This opens top 200
records of that table in editable mode and you need to just make desired changes inside cell of specific record and press tab. Its quite quick but what if that our records doesn’t come in top 200 and its placed after 200 in table e.g. 500th position. Ohhh for this i cann’t be lazy and have to write update query 😦
But before doing this wait for minute as even we can edit more than 200 records using editable window. But how ??? Below is the solution :

In Sql Server 2008

  1. Click on Tools > Options…
  2. Inside Options window, Select “SQL Server Object Explorer” in left pane.
  3. On Right side pane under “Table and View Options” section, change value of “Value for Edit Top<n> Rows command” property from 200 to something higher e.g. 1000.
  4. Click on Ok and you are done.

Now whenever you right click on any database table you will find option “Edit Top 1000 Rows“. Just click on that and an editable window with top 1000 records will open in fronts of you.

So be lazy after doing this smart workaround. 🙂