Remove orphan feature(s) entry from SharePoint’s ManageFeatures.aspx

At times we need to get rid of feature(s) from SharePoint farm, those are no longer required. This is kind of cleaning and managing your SharePoint Farm. Most of the time due to inappropriate procedure or by using a 3rd party tool, Feature gets removed but it still displays on Feature.aspx page. When you try to search this feature through PowerShell or by tool, this feature becomes unavailable.

The simple reason of this is that it gets degraded and loose its scope and it has an orphaned entry in database.

So below are the steps to resolve this i.e. to clean up the feature reference from ManageFeature.aspx page.

  • First of all open ManageFeature.aspx and copy the title of the feature that needs to be removed from the page. Paste the title in a notepad file (To remove any formatting or extra space while copying the title).
  • Open SharePoint Management Shell as an administrator.
  • Run below commands:

$feature = Get-SPFeature | ? { $_.GetTitle(1033) -eq “Orphaned feature name” }


Happy SharePointing !


403 Forbidden Error After Installing a Custom Feature Solution

Sometimes when you create a custom feature to activate and deactivate  some event receivers, and after installing the feature you get a 403 Forbidden error when trying to access Site Features or sometimes to access the whole site.When you uninstall it the Site or site features page is available again.

1. When you create a folder within the Features directory through Windows Explorer by right-clicking a folder,
pointing to New, and then clicking Folder,
The new folder does not have inherited permissions.
If you deploy a Feature in this folder, then some Windows SharePoint Services pages,such as for site settings or list views, throw an exception.
You can fix this problem by right-clicking the new folder, click Properties, click Security, and then click Advanced.
On the Permissions tab, delete uninherited permissions from the folder.

2. You can also fix this problem by creating the new folder at the command prompt through the md command.
3. Just cut the feature folder and paste in to some other location e.g. Desktop, Now copy that folder and paste inside Feature directory of 12 hive.