Deleting EXE Files in Windows 7 : Resolved

If you are working with Windows 7, you must face below mentioned problems while deleting .exe files.

  1. Like if you delete an exe file directly then it disappears and seems like deleted, but when you refresh the folder by pressing F5 then it appears again.
  2. You are deleting a folder and that folder is not getting delete as there is an exe file inside that folder.

Initially I thought of that there is a virus in the system but after scanning the whole system 2-3 times with different antivirus program, I found that there is no such virus in the system. So what’s the root cause of this problem?

I thought that, might be these exe are running somewhere but after checking task manager I couldn’t found anything specific. So I conclude that here must be some service that is locking the application and service is not necessarily using these exe but just holding them. So I opened service console to examine same. After checking Services console I found that there is a service ‘Application Experience‘ that is responsible to process application compatibility cache requests for applications as they are launched was DISABLED. I simply enabled this service and start the service. And now I can delete exe files and folders smoothly.

Till now i tested this only on Windows 7 OS but it should work on VISTA and related windows os.

Cheers !